About Us

CIN No. U40300PB1949PLC001522
Oswal Woollen Mills Limited (OWM), is the parent company of the Nahar Group of Companies (the Nahar Group). OWM was incorporated in 1949 by Late Mr. Vidya Sagar Oswal, father of Mr. Jawahar Lal Oswal, the present Chairman and Managing Director. The Board comprises of ten directors including three promoters directors namely Sh. Jawahar Lal Oswal, Sh. Kamal Oswal, Sh. Dinesh Oswal, the renowned industrialists and seven other directors who are technocrats, professionals, legal, commercial and financial wizards. The Board is further assisted by a team of professionals who have rich experience in their respective fields. OWM is one of the pioneers of the organized Indian woollen hosiery industry. We believe in the philosophy 'Success is Tradition and Growth is imperative'. It made a modest beginning as a manufacturer of hosiery items, which was followed by setting up a worsted Woollen spinning plant of 800 spindles in 1954 to serve as a backward integration of the then existing manufacturing activities. It was one of the first worsted Woollen spinning plant in the Northern India.

Marching ahead in the journey and keeping pace with overall industrial development in India, the Company is now one of the biggest producers of worsted Woollen yarns in the country. In our Woollen hosiery segment, we start our operations with import of raw greasy wool mostly from Australia and our products include various types of specialty yarns, such as, worsted Woollen yarn, lamb wool yarn, acrylic yarn, various types of wool based blended yarn, fancy yarn, hand knitting yarn etc under the popular brand name 'OWM'. In March 2006 the company added manufacturing of indigo dyed specialty denim fabric to its existing vast range of product portfolios. In June 2007, a cotton spinning unit was set up as a backwards integration of Denim plant. The manufacturing facilities of the company are spread across various locations in and around Ludhiana in Punjab fully backed by the facilities for product development and efficient testing infrastructure to provide quality products to our customers. Our products particularly the yarns have been exhibited as the best products by the International Wool Secretariat (IWS) (an international body for regulating the spinning and hosiery industry).

As a step towards clean environment and use of renewable energy sources the company has now entered into the field of solar and wind power generation and will be setting up a total capacity of approx 11.50 MW in the year 2010-11, with plans to enhance the same in the near future.

Quality Control and Policy

We have established a quality management system (QMS) and have implemented the same throughout our Company. A management review committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Sandeep Jain, our Executive Director has been constituted for conducting the review of our Company's quality management system, quality policy and objectives at least once in six months for ensuring its continuing suitability, adequacy and effeteness. We are committed to provide total customer satisfaction by meeting all requirements and continual improvement of quality management standards performance. The following are the objectives of our quality management system :-

  • To enhance customer satisfaction

  • Regular review and Upgradation of technology

  • Cost reduction in operations

Worsted Spinning 36416 Spindles
Woollen/Mohair Tops 2.50 million lbs per annum
Cotton Spinning   Spindles Rotors
Lalru 21348 432
Bhopal 43200 480
Total 64548 912
Denim Cloth 40 Million Mtrs Per Annum at two locations.